Homeopathic Malt Syrup

Homeopathic Malt Syrup

We provide Homeopathic Malt Syrup under the brand name TONOMAL, a tonic for anemic conditions. Our syrup is extremely beneficial in Hypochronic Anemia that occurs due to the loss of essential fluids in the body. However, our Tonic is not only limited to anemia. However, our Malt Extract Syrup is the best nourishing tonic. It can be used as a vital dietary supplement for all the family members. Our Syrup is beneficial for under weight, pregnant and lacting women. Today, we are recognized as one of the most prominent Malt Syrup Manufacturers and Suppliers, based in India. This syrup is made up of following composition :

  • Alfalfa
  • Cinchona off
  • Hydrastis Can
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Acid Phos
  • Calc. Hypo. Phos
  • Cobalt Nit
  • Ferrum Mur
  • Kali Phos

Alfalfa, Cinchona off, Hydrastis Can, Sarsaparilla, Acid Phos, Calc. Hypo. Phos, Cobalt Nit, Ferrum Mur and Kali Phos in pleasently flavoured MALTED syrup base.

TONOMAL is a fine MALT based general tonic restorative for all ages. Anemic condition is prevalent and the causes are umpteen resulting in the break down of the oxygen carrying network of the body. Combination of cobalt Nitrate and Ferrum Mur is highly beneficial in Hypochronic anemia due to the loss of vital fluids in the body. Addition of Alfalfa, China, Hydrastis can and Sarsaparilla makes TONOMAL a best nourishing and strengthening tonic. Recommended for under weight, growing children, pregnant or lacting women. Acid Phos and Kali Phos are useful in nervous debility, back ache etc., MALT is an essential dietary supplement and energizer. Addition of MALT in this preparation enhances the efficacy of the TONOMAL and makes it as an EXCELLENT FAMILY TONIC.

Dose : 2 teaspoonful 3 times a day after meals or as directed by the physician.

Packing : 200ml