Homeopathic Tooth Powder

Homeopathic Tooth Powder

An answer to dental ailments such as bleeding gums, tooth-ache, bad mouth odor, Spongy is our extremely effective Tooth Powder that is served under the brand name DENTONEX. Our Dental Tooth Powder is useful to make you fit against all kinds of mouth disorders. Today, we are acknowledged as one of the prime Homeopathic Tooth Powder Manufacturers and Suppliers in the country. Our Tooth Powder is helpful to strengthen your teeth and gums. Moreover, it renders freshness in your mouth that you have encountered before. It is made up of following composition :

  • Plantago Maj
  • Kreosote
  • Hamamelis Vir
  • Natrum Mur
  • Camphor
  • Thymol
  • Clove oil

Plantago Maj, Kreosote, Hamamelis Vir, Natrum Mur, Camphor, Thymol and Clove oil.

Selected remedies like Plantago Maj, Kreosote etc., makes Dentonex a wonderful tooth powder for all teeth and gum ailments.

DENTONEX Tooth powder is useful in all Dental ailments like sensitive spongy, bleeding gums, Pyorrhoea, carries, Sordes, Tooth-ache, bad mouth odour etc., indicated in all painful and sick conditions of gum and teeth. Regular use gives sparkling pearly teeth and prevents tooth decay. Strengthens gums and teeth. Gives pleasant FRESHNESS to mouth. Widely prescribed by the DENTISTS.

Dose : Apply the powder and gently massage the Gums and Teeth twice daily.

Packing : 50gms