Homeopathic Uterine Tonic

Homeopathic Uterine Tonic

We manufacture Natural Homeopathic Uterine Tonic, a remedy of the functional deficiency of the uterus. It is a blend of a wide variety of herbs that helps to fight against pain in pelvis, hips, back, etc. Also, it acts as a resistant to frequent body ache. We serve our Uterine Tonic under the brand name ALETRISCO. We are one of the most of the most prominent Herbal Uterine Tonic Manufacturers and Suppliers in the country. Our Tonic helps to improve physical and mental health of the body. It is useful in conditions such as dysmenorrheal, amenorrhea, etc. Moreover, it is also helpful to control Leucorrhoea for short time period. Our Tonic is made up of following composition:

  • Aletris Far
  • Jan. Ashoka
  • Helonias.
  • D, Pulsatilla,
  • Viburnum prun Senecio Aur
  • Belladonna
  • Actea Race

Aletris Far, Jan. Ashoka, Helonias. D, Pulsatilla, Viburnum prun Senecio Aur, Belladonna and Actea Race in pleasantly flavoured syrup base.

ALETRISCO is time honoured and in druggist parlance a BEST UTERINE TONIC. It correctsup many functional defects of the uterus. Many pathological forthcoming conditions are averted and tones up the uterus astonishingly with manifest evidence of the personal physical features improving the all round personality.

Useful in conditions such as amenorrhea, dysmenorrhoea and allied diorders. Checks Leucorrhoea in short time. Very useful in conditions of premature and profuse menses. Breasts feel heavy. The patient look tired and weak all the time. Back- ache. Pain across the pelvis from hip to hip. ALETRISCO is a real GIFT to the females. It regulates the uterine function with general improvement of health.

Dose : 2 teaspoonful 3 times a day before meals.

Packing : 110ml and 450ml